Have you been planning to start up a new business? Do you want to connect to someone who is trustworthy and the one who provide you quality products? Starting a business of footwear is not an easy task as the quality of the shoes has to be up to the mark otherwise no one is willing to buy from you if they find the shoes comfortable so you have to make sure that the product that you are planning to make or sale has to meet the quality threshold.

If you want to start a business of footwear as a reseller then you need a reliable supplier so that you can sell further in retail as per the set price.

Are you fed up of finding the reliable agent of footwear? If yes, then you do not have to worry about anything anymore. SPA (shoes products Australia) is an online supplier of footwear, shoe repairs and other accessories related to footwear. We have been operating our shoes and shoes repair business for over 45 years in Australia. If you are in Australia then your preferred stock is just a click away. You can find multiple items and products with all the different variants under the same umbrella.

Products that we supply

Following are the list of products that we supply to the resellers and direct customers.

  • Collonil Shoe Cream:

    Collonil shoe cream is used as a repair agent for shoes. We supply in bulk to our re-sellers and if someone want to buy from us in small quantity then you just need to order us online and get your stuff at your door step. It is an adhesive agent that is used to attach the sole to the shoes. We often face an issue of sole leaving its original place of the shoes because there is not enough adhesive material had been used which causes the damage to the shoes. Collonil cream helps in getting rid of such issue.

  • Vibram soles:

    We have all kind of Vibram soles Australia available on the website. Vibram soles ae used by those persons who has some medical conditions and couldn’t wear high heals or hard sole shoes. It is a blessing for such people. We have a comfortable material for Vibram shoes having a thin sole and it feels like you haven’t worn anything in the shoes. It is so much comfortable.

  • Laces:

    We also have a huge variety of laces in our online store. People need to change the laces every ow and then. It has a huge market.

    So, what are you waiting for? Re-sellers, contact us and enjoy the benefits and profits by selling quality products.